Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is a story from my family blog. I just love this story so I wanted to share it!

Last night my son had a friends birthday party and my husband took care of everything and got him to the party. When I got home I asked my husband how it went. He started telling me about how proud of our son he was. When they were getting the present together for his friend, my son said he wanted to make a card all by himself so my husband let him do it. When he got done my husband read the card. He could not believe how nice it was. When I got home that is the first thing my husband told me about and he said some of the things that were on it and how proud he was of our son for being so sweet. The only thing was that he wished he would have made a copy of it to show me. We sat and talked about how great our kid is and it was a shame I did not get to see the card. While we were talking I noticed a pile of papers on the table. In the pile was a birthday card my son had got from Grandma and Grandpa in July. I opened it and started reading it. I asked my husband if this is what the super sweet card to his friend said. He looked at it and we both started laughing. When we finally were able to talk again after laughing so much the first thing I said was "you should know better than that he has your last name!" When my son came in I said "I heard you made a nice card for your friend." He then replied "yeah I copied it out of my card because I could never spell all of that right by myself!"We are still laughing about this!

Lesson to us...1st-Never think an 8 year old can come up with all of that nice stuff by himself.

2nd Even if he did he would not share it with anyone.

3rd If the spelling is correct he cheated!


meili_lo said...

this is funny! hihi... but still, even if he just copied it, I'm sure you're still proud of him =D

really cute!

meili_lo said...

hi there.

i tagged you in my blog. hope you can visit.



Claudia's thoughts said...

He didn't cheat.....he used a reference.....