Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change and Hope 2 powerful words

I have to admit that I come from a very small minded town in Utah. Not only that, if you talk much about anything outside of the acceptable beliefs you are certain to have a barrage of comments and ignorant opinions coming your way. I have taken great pride in thinking that I am above those stupid old timer beliefs.
When I first heard of Barrack Obama my immediate thought was WOW! This is history being made and I am going to be a part of it. Quickly I thought of my children and what they are going to be able to share with their children and so on being a part of this time in America. The first comment out of my mouth to my Dad when I got to work was "isn't this the coolest thing ever." The look he had on his face was priceless! He quickly came at me with many comments on how the world was about to be taken over and the President is no place for a colored man. I have never been one to tolerate racist comments. If you were to see a picture of my family you would see exactly why. Even when I was a child I made sure I was friends with EVERYONE no matter what. Yes, it made things interesting.
After days of trying to get my Dad to change, which is ridiculous. I finally stopped talking about it with him. Then I started getting the emails. You know the ones I am talking about that tell you all of the distorted beliefs, secret plots and twisted morals behind Obama. So very stupid...hind site is 20/20 right? This is very embarrassing to admit but the emails and comments over the months got to me. Thoughts of "what if" started getting into my head.
While cooking dinner last night the announcement was made that Obama is to be our next President. Honestly I did not know what to think. The next thing I knew I was glued to the TV to watch his speech. While I listened to his words I just kept thinking...if so many Americans have voted for him then what about all of the things I had heard. Didn't they hear them too? What are we going to do? Then I realized I had fallen into exactly what I dislike the most...a fearful small minded person. How did I let this happen! Right then I knew my lack of educating myself with the FACTS was the problem.
Watching all of the people in the crowd on TV with the promise of hope brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. The outlook of our future just changed forever. You could see the hope PRESIDENT OBAMA gave to so many. The faces I saw were full of peace and joy. Right then I knew we were in good hands. I owe my sincere apologies for the lack of daring to believe in change and hope. I am thrilled to be alive to see our first black President! One man able to bring so much love and hope to so many Americans is someone I will stand behind 100%.
This morning I woke up and could not wait to tell my children about the historic event that they are a part of today. I had to eat some crow too!


meili_lo said...

yes indeed... Change and Hope are very strong and powerful words. =)

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Mona at Cabin and Camp said...

Lovely words with an entirely new perspective--from one who doubted and then believed.

There is hope for us here in America if we all join together and do our part. Thanks for sharing.