Monday, April 13, 2009

To Diet or Not to Diet?

If I were to add up all of the days I have spent on a diet I probably would have been on a diet for at least 22 years of my life so far....I am only 36! You name it I have tried it. There is not plan, pill or cleanse that has not crossed my path. It is very funny if you think about it. The amount of money we spend trying to find that miracle cure is insane! There have been 2 times that I have actually lost weight and felt really good and healthy. Both times I swore I would never gain it back and I would always stick to my new routine. Right! I have decided numerous times to just accept the fact that I am pleasantly plump and I will always be. Then you see shows like The Biggest Loser and other weight loss journey's that people venture on with much success. It makes you realize that if the effort is put forth anyone can lose the weight. So what the hay is my problem?! The time and energy spent on a daily basis worrying about my appearance and weight is close to at least 1/2 of my day. The times I have decided to just accept it are when I usually get far to comfortable and gain 10+ pounds really quickly.
I am not sure why I am posting this tonight I suppose I just needed to vent for a minute. My friend and I have started a diet and exercise plan our 2nd workout was tonight. We both survived! So keep us in your thoughts we will need all of the positive energy we can me on this one. May my next post on weight loss be me telling you that I lost some of it!